1989-1992 Dodge Colt 200 4 Door Sedan Windshield OC Sun Shade

Price: $22.46

1989-1992 Dodge Colt 200 4 Door Sedan Windshield OC Sun Shade:

  • Product Features
    • Patent Pending Velcro Design for rearview mirror and rain sensors
    • Silver exterior color reflects the sun and UV
    • Black interior color blocks light and can be reversed for winter use
    • Compact Storage — fits in door pocket or between car seats
    • Center fabric keeps light out unlike inexpensive 2-piece sun shades
    • Velcro center with sun visors down ensures your sun shade will stay up
    • 3-year limited replacement warranty*

    Installing your OC Sun Shade

    • Remove the OC Sun Shade (herein OCSS) from the packaging
    • Unfold your OCSS and keep the Velcro center area at the top
    • Slide the bottom of the OCSS in toward the bottom of your windshield
    • Note: Silver Side should face OUT (black on the inside) to reflect heat & UV away from your car
    • Separate the Velcro and spread the two sides around your rearview mirror area
    • Reconnect the Velcro to help keep out sunlight around your rearview mirror area
    • Fold down both sun visors to help keep your OCSS up and keep out sunlight at the top of your windshield
    • Adjust the center fabric area and sides of the round sections of the OCSS as needed

    Folding your OC Sun Shade

    • Fold your OCSS in half with the two black sides facing each other
    • Position the elastic at 6 o’clock position
    • Place your hands at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions
    • Twist the sun shade and fold in half
    • Then use the elastic to pull over the sun shade to keep it tight and compact

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