Cars for sale

MOPARS.COM is for sale! Go to and type in for details

how to get started

Crypto seems too complicated. How do I get started? Agreed- crypto has many aspects, and it can be overwhelming. But it is simple to get started. My advice; do not get bogged down in the endless world of crypto. Understanding all aspects of crypto would be even beyond understanding all aspects of the stock market,… Continue reading how to get started

who do I trust ?

Here are some of the people we follow and believe have your best interests at heart. Listed in no particular order. We will post links as we go, but you can also find them yourself…most are found on youtube. We do not know any of these people personally just have been inspired by their content… Continue reading who do I trust ?

adding custom token

How do I add custom token to Trust Wallet? If you are using a wallet such as Trust, Atomic or Metamask you may have noticed a token is not available on the wallet. No worries, adding a token is simple. simply google the name of the token like this “PRQ token address” you should see… Continue reading adding custom token