who do I trust ?

Here are some of the people we follow and believe have your best interests at heart. Listed in no particular order. We will post links as we go, but you can also find them yourself…most are found on youtube. We do not know any of these people personally just have been inspired by their content and positivity.

In crypto opinions; you will find everything from, it’s all going to crash and your life is over, to, you will be a billionaire tomorrow. The truth is in the middle. Good days and bad ones. Like life in general…

J Bravo- Finance, Gold, Silver, Swing trading, and cool hair.

Crypto Capital Venture- insights, chart analysis, brother in Christ

Lark Davis- Crypto investing, yield farming, crypto APY

BitBoy Crypto- crypto prediction, strategist, Hellcat driver

Mark Moss- Finance, DeFi, wealth strategy

Tyler Crypto- Bitcoin, ETH, alt coin strategist- accurate predictions

DanTeachesCrypto- ADA bull, staking pools, HODLer

MMcrypto- The Bitcoin bull !

Crypto Tips- Staking, Alt coins, informative.

Elliotrades- Alt coin strategy, NFT’s,

CryptosRus- Bitcoin strategist, bear killer.

Invest Answers- the mathematician! Awesome insights- data driven

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