how to get started

Crypto seems too complicated. How do I get started?

Agreed- crypto has many aspects, and it can be overwhelming. But it is simple to get started. My advice; do not get bogged down in the endless world of crypto. Understanding all aspects of crypto would be even beyond understanding all aspects of the stock market, finances, banking, etc. crypto is all of that and much, much more. Start simple, just like investing in a stock or opening a bank account, start with a simple crypto acct. It’s quick and easy to do, some are easier than others.

We are not sponsored and do not endorse any specific exchange. This is just from experience

Coinbase- Gemini- Kraken easiest exchanges to get started on in the US. All are very simple to navigate. I would start there. Not all exchanges offer the same crypto, (tokens/ coins) so, as you gain more knowledge, you may have multiple accts to get the crytpo you want. All of these exchanges will sell the mainstream cryptos. One thing good about large exchanges; is they list only established crypto currencies. They are not in the business of list highly speculative coins. Bitcoin Ethereum, Litecoin, ADA, Chainlink, and many other coins can be purchased and traded on these exchanges. Like a stock exchange, there are fees involved with buying and selling crypto currencies.

If you are experienced in stock trading to some degree, Kraken and Coinbase Pro (which can link directly to your coinbase acct for free) also allow you to place limit orders.

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