how to binance when you can’t

how to binance when you can’t

there are reasons many people cannot access binance or

some US states are so behind the times and back-asswards that they don’t allow their citizens this freedom. What can you do? How can you buy binance and trade it for those tokens you want?

I’ll assume here you have some experience with crypto if you are reading about this issue.

Download atomic wallet. (never share your key phrase)

Download trust wallet (same as above…)

transfer ETH or ADA, DOGE whatever to your atomic wallet

in atomic wallet trade whatever you sent for BNB

send BNB from you Atomic wallet to your Trust wallet

In your trust wallet hit the “more” button to swap BNB for Smartchain BNB

you can now use Pancake Swap or 1 inch swap dAPP to trade smartchain BNB (which will just show as BNB in pancake swap) for whatever token you like.

you may need to add that token manually in the wallet and pancake swap.

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