Trying to claim the new BONDLY token. I found their guidance to be confusing at best. Here is a step by step guide for TRUST wallet. This may work for other wallets as well.

This will work even if you have zero balance of Bondly in your wallet. As long as they were there when their hack/ incident happened.

  1. Add this new Bondly address to Trust mobile the ETH one for us. Always double check any address in google or eth scan before adding it to a wallet. You can verify these on Bondly’s website directly.

0x91dfbee3965baaee32784c2d546b7a0c62f268c9 (ETH)

0x5D0158A5c3ddF47d4Ea4517d8DB0D76aA2e87563 (BSC)

0x64ca1571d1476b7a21c5aaf9f1a750a193a103c0 (MATIC )

  1. on your computer (not phone) go to
  2. Scroll down to “connect wallet” at the bottom. (the one at top of page doesn’t seem to work)
  3. Connect wallet > login with wallet connect> Ethereum Network in my case- yours may be different
  4. a QR code will pop up

In trust wallet go to Settings> Wallet Connect> New connection

  1. Scan the QR code on the computer
  2. It will show how many new Bondly tokens you can claim on the ethereum network
  3. Click on the picture of the tokens it says you can claim on the Ethereum network
  4. Verify the transaction in your trust wallet
  5. the computer screen should now show it working on the transaction and the tokens should show up in trust.

-it will cost you ETH gas though- cost me $50 Not worth it if you are only holding a small amount of tokens. Maybe you can work with Bondly to cover this cost…. doubtful.

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