Boost Diesel Gas Mileage in Your 2008 Ford F250 6-4L

So you very own a new 2008 Ford Superduty.. Is gas certainly killing you yet? Are you receiving 10-12-13mpg?

You should not commence obtaining down nonetheless.. all the new vehicles are: The new Duramax Chevy, The Dodge Cummins, and as you now know the Ford. They all have new emissions crap to offer with, and it is creating huge troubles for fuel performance.

Considering the fact that we usually are not heading to ALL begin making diesel in our yard from methanol and peanut oil, we want a different solution. Its an automotive electrical power programmer, and its referred to as a Superchip Flashpaq. This uncomplicated to install module will just plug into your diagnostic port beneath your dash, you will answer a series of of course or no queries, and the method will load into your car or truck and work with its computer to give you a acquire of about 1-2 miles for every gallon, and the best side aspect is…. Your wanting at up to an extra 78 horsepower.

The Flashpaq is the only programmer on the sector for the 08′ Superduty that will tune equally your motor and transmission for ideal efficiency.

The important capabilities for the Superchip Flashpaq:

-Elevated Horsepower and Torque

-World wide web Updateable

Internet Updateability: The Flashpaq is completely World wide web updateable by using Superchips point out-of-the-art World-wide-web update program. Buyers can increase new attributes, software guidance for new model many years as formulated by Superchips.

-Straightforward Installation

-No Applications Vital

-Enhanced Gas Financial state

-Optimized Driveability

-Diagnostic Hassle Code Reading through Functionality

Diagnostic Hassle Codes: The Superchips Flashpaq can be used as a scan tool to retrieve and obvious diagnostic difficulties codes. This feature enables the person or seller to comprehend the purpose and which means of a “check out engine” lights brought on by the vehicle’s laptop or computer.

These are the extra characteristics on the Flashpaq for the 08′ 6.4L Superduty

-Choose from Three Accessible Performance Configurations

-Update Tuner by using the World-wide-web for Latest Calibrations

-Increased Change Firmness

-Elevate Velocity Limiter

Velocity Limiter: The motor vehicle company boundaries the speed of the car or truck applying a pace limiter. Superchips delivers an possibility to remove the speed limiter. The automobile velocity limiter elimination attribute is intended for race purposes only and must under no circumstances be utilized for rushing on community streets or highways. If the pace limiter is taken off the purchaser ought to make sure the automobile is thoroughly equipped for racing and to take care of speeds in surplus of the manufacturing unit speed limiter.

…and coming quickly you will be equipped to:

-Recalibrate Speedometer for Larger “Tire” Dimensions ” Speedometer Correction (coming quickly): This function makes it possible for the customer to recalibrate the car or truck speedometer to deliver an accurate studying when larger or smaller sized aftermarket wheels and/or tires are added to car or truck. This will be presented as a cost-free aspect upgrade to the product or service that can be downloaded by way of the Superchips Online update method. Stop by for information on the Net update technique.

-Get Obtainable Knowledge Acquisition at ” Information Acquisition: This standard Details Logging package lets consumers to log speed and length with their Flashpaq handheld unit. Preferred checks contain -60 moments, quarter and eighth mile speeds and holeshots. Down load it nowadays absolutely free of demand. Check out for much more particulars.

These updates will be able to be downloaded to your Flashpaq appropriate from household. Your flashpaq is going to come with a usb port on the box, and a usb cable to connect it to your computer. Just go to, and you can constantly down load the most current updates to your Flashpaq suitable from your laptop. How considerably simpler does it get??

The a few Electricity Location Levels on the

Flashpaq for the 08 Superduty are as follows:

1. Performance Tune

– Max 78 HP – Max 146 ft lbs torque – NO TOWING permitted

2. Tow Effectiveness – Max 51.3 HP – Max 110 ft lbs torque – 6000lb Tow Restrict

3. Transmission Only – Optimizes Transmission Overall performance

4. Stock – Absolutely restore ALL manufacturing facility settings

Functionality Tune is the maximum level, a lot more frequently referred to as the “race”, “major horsepower”, “speedy”, “serious” setting. You would place it on this setting to achieve the highest horsepower amount, and as you may perhaps have guessed, No… you need to not assume greater gas effectiveness in this location. It is also not advisable to depart this placing on for extended periods of time. Also there should really be NO TOWING on this location. You will want to deliver it back down to a regular location to raise your gasoline financial system, and have more compact hp gains.

Tow Effectiveness is the medium degree. This plan is advised for towing programs. Remember to observe that this software does not in any way elevate the car company specified tow limit of the car. This Functionality Tow plan offers an boost of 51.3 rear wheel horsepower and 110 lbs. ft. of torque.Towing should be restricted to about 6000lb.

Transmission Only optimizes your transmission performance.- With this plan only the TCM is reprogrammed by the Flashpaq. This software will enhance shift firmness and change factors to increase auto general performance. Quicker, firmer upshifts and downshifts will be attained and will enhance each -60 and 1/4 mile observe times.

Inventory- This is the unique file designed by the car maker. The person has the solution at any time to absolutely restore the motor vehicle ECM and TCM to the original inventory standing. The ECM/TCM working systems are not permanently modified in any way.

This programmer is built support the in general drivability of your Superduty, while growing your gas economy.

How it Is effective: The Flashpaq programmer connects to the OBD2 port of the auto by the attached OBD2 cable. The Flashpaq downloads and suppliers the stock engine and transmission file to the machine memory. The person then answers concerns to pick preferred possibilities and chooses a person of a few tuning systems provided by Superchips. After the program is chosen by the person the Superchips data files are uploaded (programmed) to the engine manage module and the transmission handle module to optimize car performance together with the choices chosen by the person.

The Superchips Flashpaq programmer is the only tuning gadget on the sector of its kind that can software both the transmission regulate module (TCM) and the engine command module (ECM). This functionality allows Superchips to guarantee that transmission configurations are optimized to operate correctly with the alterations to fueling via the engine management module (ECM) and hence improve all round drivability.

**You can ordinarily expect approximately 1 to 2 miles for every gallon improve when in decrease phases. my4x4on line nor Superchips assurance any enhance in fuel performance. It varies depending on driving behavior and problems.

Source by Robby Lyel

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