NYC July 4 2009 Fireworks on the Hudson River

New York City 4th of July Macy’s Fireworks on the Hudson River.

Shot from Weehawken, New Jersey for NYC skyline background. You can see both the Chrysler (lights in chevron shape) and Empire State building (red, white and blue lights) generally on the right side on longer shots.

This was the first ever NYC July 4 display on the Hudson. Normally on the East River (Brooklyn/Manhattan vs New Jersey/Manhattan) it was relocated this year due to the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s sail up what was to become the Hudson River.

You can see how the height of the fireworks from the six barges dwarfed the buildings. At times I shot immersively (close up) and at other times across several of the barges so the viewer gets a full sense of enormity of the display. The span between lowest to highest explosions were so great it was often hard to keep all in frame.

At the end of the display 2 barges caught fire. It lasted about 30 minutes. I include short excerpts here. You’ll see the fire, small works explosions, fire boat approach and spray, inspection with light, hear the sirens in the background as the departing spectators were unaware (unobservent). There were no news reports of this.

Shot with Sony XDCAM EX HD EX1 F1.9, Gain -3db, Matrix HiSat, Cinegamma 4, 1080p30.

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